Why work with me?

Respect for every journey

Real estate decisions - buying, selling, investing, leasing - all begin with an idea or feeling. When you're looking to buy your first home or property, there is a palpable excitement about the experience. When you're looking to make changes or switch things up, there is often a desire to honour past decisions while looking forward to future goals. When you're considering down-sizing, there is an opportunity to protect your future while still maintaining your comforts. No matter your real estate journey, I'm committed to working hard to help you achieve your goals at every stage.

Client-centric approach

I take pride in my job and my ability to connect with people - I truly love making connections. I place honesty, transparency and compassion at the top of my approach to clients. As a member of the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), I have in-depth knowledge of the GTA market, access to up-to-the-minute data, and the ability to ensure maximum exposure - regardless of if you're buying or selling. I am always available for my clients, whether that means chatting about a potential decision, reviewing paperwork, or simply enjoying a coffee together (in-person or virtually).

Strong support system

It's no secret that real estate decisions can often be stressful and emotional. I am committed to being a level-headed, guiding perspective so you're as comfortable and confident as possible during these processes. Like almost everyone these days, I feel lost if my phone isn't within reach, so rest assured you can contact me anytime. I have dedicated support from both my team of fellow agents and my brokerage, and have developed relationships with a trusted group of related professionals including mortgage agents, lawyers, contractors, and others.

“Real estate deals are like personalities - rare to find two that are the same.”

– Norman George

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Matt Coulter

Sales Representative

Growing up in Ancaster, ON, Matt developed an early love for golf, baseball, a good pub, and real estate. His professional life decisions have followed suit, working at GTA golf courses, owning and running pubs and restaurants in Toronto, and - most recently - moving into real estate sales. Matt's dedication to hospitality and customer service spans over 20 years with a reputation for positively advancing businesses and building meaningful relationships.

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